About Teri Sklar

Teri Sklar mediates full-time.  In 2004, Teri Sklar changed her focus from litigation to mediation because she believes that mediation is a powerful and positive way for people to resolve disputes; she has seen that providing people with the opportunity to voice their own views and understand the views of others involved in disputes provides a valuable, respectful and efficient way to resolve disputes. She mediates disputes, including employment, wrongful termination, wage and hour, intra-organizational disputes, personal injury, real estate, landlord/tenant, civil rights, business, disability rights, ADA access, discrimination, education, attorney-client fees, restraining orders, family disputes, elder mediation (elder abuse, elder care, adult family disputes, probate, estate), victim-offender, complaints against police officers, and neighbor disputes.

Teri Sklar's mediation style varies with the needs and desires of the parties. In order to enhance the possibility of a successful resolution to the dispute, Teri Sklar conducts an initial phone conference to set up the mediation and discuss the needs of the case. She requests written briefs 10 days before the date of the mediation, and she has additional individual phone conversations after reviewing the briefs in order to prepare for the mediation and further explore the best way to tailor the mediation to the needs of each case and the individual parties involved in the dispute. She has found that approaching the mediation with genuine interest and curiosity, and being ready and able to acknowledge and work with people's emotions during the mediation, helps people to successfully resolve their dispute. She encourages people to talk about what matters to them and why it is important to them, and she gives them a chance to ask questions and understand the other side's perspective; as the mediation progresses, she assists the parties and their counsel to evaluate their case and consider and weigh their options for resolution.

Teri Sklar's strengths as a mediator include patience, respect, creativity, energy, persistence, strong people skills, excellent client rapport, based on years of intensive work with challenging clients, and a strong belief in the value of the mediation process. She is conversant in Spanish, and has conducted mediations in Spanish; she has multi-cultural sensitivity and enjoys working with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Teri Sklar is a 1975 graduate of Stanford University and a 1978 graduate of Boalt Hall School of Law. She has extensive criminal and civil jury and court trial experience and has practiced in State and Federal Court. After working in the San Francisco Public Defender's Office for six years, including criminal defense and mental health work, she has maintained her own private legal practice in San Francisco, California, including juvenile delinquency and dependency, special education, foster care eligibility, child support, civil rights, personal injury, landlord/tenant, administrative law, employment law, trusts and estates, and writs and appeals.

In 1994, Teri Sklar was trained in mediation techniques at Stanford Law School and The Center for Mediation in Law and she has continued her mediation training through Pepperdine University (Straus Institute), San Francisco Community Boards, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC), Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF), the U.S. District Court--Northern District of California, the Court of Appeal, First and Third Appellate Districts, Bar Association of Alameda County (ACBA), Integrative Mediation Bay Area (IMBA), East Bay Trust and Estates Lawyers (EBTEL), The Mediation Society and the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

 Serves on these panels:

* U.S. District Court-Northern District of California

* California Court of Appeal Third Appellate District

* San Mateo Multi-Option ADR Project

* Panel of Court Mediators for the Alameda Court ADR Program

* San Francisco Community Boards

* San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints

* Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center

* San Mateo Juvenile Delinquency Mediation Program

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