• $400.00 per hour.  Four (4) hour minimum mediation session plus 2 hours of preparation.  No charge for the initial phone conference. 
  • Payment of a $4,000.00 deposit, covering 8 hours of  mediation and 2 hours of preparation, is required in advance of the mediation. 
  • For a two party mediation, each party's deposit will be one-half of the deposit, or $2,000.00, out of the total deposit of $4,000.00. 
  • For multi-party mediations, each party will pay a proportionate share of the mediate fees. 
  • All deposits are due in Teri Sklar's office 14 days prior to the mediation. 
  • Teri Sklar will refund deposits for any unused hours, beyond the initial 4 hour session + 2 hour preparation minimum. 
  • Any confirmed mediation that is canceled within 72 hours of the confirmed date, or any case that settles where the parties fail to notify Teri Sklar and take the mediation off calendar will be charged half of the amount of the time booked. 
  • No cancellation fee if session rescheduled.

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